Reputable and Respected Christian Online Ordination
Reputable and Respected Christian Online Ordination

Renouncing Your Ordination/Refund Policy

Becoming ordained as a minister of Jesus Christ is a serious process and we do not take ordination lightly.

Your application was reviewed and your ordination was approved by our ministry team.  You are able to renounce your connection with this ministry.  Your renouncement will remain in our ministry database for review for perpetuity.  This is covered in the $25 administrative fee, which is non refundable.  Once we receive your renouncement request, your ordination will be rescinded, and all documents will become invalid.

There is a formal process for renouncing your ordination.  Please email and state the following:

" I would like to renounce my ordination with Christian Global Outreach Ministries.  I understand that any attempt to use the documents that I may have received, or affiliate myself with this ministry in any way, will be met with punitive action."

Refund Policy for documents BEFORE they have been customized and shipped

Your card will be refunded minus the $25 administrative fee .

Refund Policy for documents that HAVE BEEN CUSTOMIZED or sent DIGITALLY

There are no refunds for custom document orders or digital documents.