Reputable and Respected Christian Online Ordination
Reputable and Respected Christian Online Ordination

You’ve been asked to perform a wedding and you need to get ordained.

Through Minister Now you are able to get your Christian ministry credentials simply and quickly.

We Make Performing Weddings Stress-Free and Legal!

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We have helped over 3000 Christians get credentialed to do weddings all over the world.

You will be joining an active and growing list of clergy who feel secure that their ordination is trusted, respected and legal.

And, we do a lot more.

If you would like to know more about Christian Global Outreach Ministries click the button below.

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Why Get Online Ordination with Minister Now ?

You want to be ordained by a reputable, trusted, Christian ministry.

We are part of Christian Global Outreach Ministries and have amazing ministers in action all over the world.

You are doing your first wedding and you need support.

We offer resources and information to new ministers to help answer questions and give tips on being "error and worry-free".

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You have already seen several online ordination sites that offer ordination to any faith or no faith.  Instead, you want your ordination to be aligned with your core beliefs.

We only offer Christian ordination to perform weddings, minister and other services.

You have been asked to be a wedding officiant for loved ones and you need to become ordained quickly.

We are able to send you digital documents in 24-48 hours. When you apply today you can have your documents by tomorrow in most cases.


You want to be associated with a ministry with a proven history.

We've been doing this since 2018 and going strong.

Ready to start your Ministry Now?


Complete the 2-step ordination process in as little as 2 minutes.

Need more info? Click for more info and a a couple of cool videos--> Being Ordained Through CGOM

Wedding Ordination FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to be a Christian to get ordained through this ministry?

Yes.  Minister Now! was developed as part of Christian Global Outreach Ministries, to "provide ordination materials to all people who profess Christian faith and the desire to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

What is the Cost?

There is a required, one time filing fee of $25 to be paid today (USD, debit/credit card).   We keep a lifetime record of your ordination credentials on file. This also covers a letter of ordination,  certifying you as an ordained minister.   You may also purchase other ordination items (certificate, id card, etc.) .

Upon approval, we will register you as an ordained Christian minister who is able to:

  • Perform weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies
  • Start your own ministry
  • Minister Internationally

Will my ordination be recognized in my city, state, country?

If you plan to perform a wedding or other legal service, you must check with the local marriage license office in the wedding city, to get the procedures for being recognized.  Each state/county can be different.  We have a great link on our website that can help.

As an ordained minister with Christian Global Outreach Ministries, you are a member of the clergy in the US and all over the world. Our mission is to help those seeking ordination to "go ye therefore, and teach all nations..." Matt.28:19.  Along with the documents we send you,  we also keep your ordination records on file for lifetime verification.

This will be my first wedding, do you offer help to get me started?

Of course. If you're just starting out, we are here to help you get the ordination credentials needed and help with ministry resources to answer questions you may have.  Our goal is to support you in being successful.

Is this Really Real or is it a scam? Is Being Ordained Online Right For Me?

Christian Global Outreach is a real ministry, based in Nashville, TN.  We have ministers with over 20 years of ministry experience. Get more ordination info here .

The internet, can be challenging.  If you aren't sure that being ordained online is right for you, we do advise you to contact a local ministry in your area.