Reputable and Respected Christian Online Ordination
Reputable and Respected Christian Online Ordination

Current List of Cities/Countries

Christian Global Outreach Ministries has been growing daily, since we started in 2016.  As of 1/1/2018 we have over 150 ministers across the globe.  Below is a list of areas that our ministers are currently serving.  

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USA   Australia  
  Albany,GA   Bowral
  Austin,TX   Greenway Canberra
  Bakersfield,CA   Melbourne
  Beaumont, TX   Perth
  Blaine, WA   Southerland
  Boston,MA   Syndey
  Bronx, NY    
  San Diego,California    
  Canton,GA Canada  
  Charlotte, NC   Calgary
  Clinton , IN   Cole,Harbour,NS
  Como, TX   Edmonton, AB
  Confer, CO   Kamloops,BC
  Dandrige,TN   Toronto
  Denair, CA   Warden
  Des Moines, IA   Windsor, ON
  Deslose, MO    
  Dripping Springs,TX    
  Forsyth,MD New Zealand  
  Frankfort, IN   Aukland
  Garrisonville,VA   Rotorea
  Grafton, NC    
  Hampton, VA    
  Hilton Head, SC South Africa  
  Hollywood,FL   Capetown 
  Hopkinsville,KY   Johanesburg
  Indiana   Vereeniging
  Inlet Beach, FL    
  Jacksonville, FL    
  Janesville, WI UK  
  Kokomo, IN   London
  Lancaster,TX   Manchester
  Lanesbora, MN    
  Lauderdale Lakes,FL    
  Lewistown,PA Other Countries  
  Lewisville,KY   Barbados
  Lousivelle, KY   Christiansted, Virgin Islands
  Magnolia, TX   Costa Rica
  Nazareth, PA   Dublin, Ireland
  New York, NY   Galili- Israel
  Ocala, FL   Hungary-Budapest
  Ocean Isle, NC   Namibia
  Olathe, CO   Paris, France
  Palmdale, CA   Puerto Rico
  Hershey, Pennsylvania   Saint Kitts, Anguilla
  Pleasant Hill, MD   Singapore
  Portsmouth, MN    
  Pulaski, VA    
  Reno, NV    
  Rocklege, FL    
  San Antonio, TX    
  Scottsdale, AZ    
  Spearman, TX    
  St. Charles, MO    
  St. Clair Shores, MI    
  Stockbridge, GA    
  Sunnyvale, CA    
  Terre Haute, IN    
  West Chester, OH    
  West Columbia, TX    
  West Jordon, UT    
  West Portsmouth, OH